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Service: Vendor Due Diligence

Ditch the reports! Fast Track the AI Journey.

Vendor Selection Made Easy! Due Diligence that Delivers.

The digital revolution is charging forward, and AI is leading the pack. Or are you drowning in reports and unsure where to begin?

At Strategic Innovation Plus+, we don’t believe in waiting. We believe in action, impact, and results. That’s why we offer vendor due diligence with teeth, ensuring you secure the ideal AI partner to fuel your explosive growth.

Stop sifting through endless reports. Our industry veterans become your trusted advisors, curating a shortlist of goal-aligned vendors. We rigorously vet their solutions, uncovering their strengths and weaknesses so you can make informed decisions. We even help you craft a compelling RFP that attracts the best in the field, solidifying you a win-win partnership.

Here’s how we empower you to leapfrog the competition:

  • Shortlisted & Vetted: Forget wading through a sea of options. We bring you the perfect fit – fast.
  • RFP Co-Creation: No more generic proposals. We help you articulate your vision and attract the top players.
  • Evaluate Solution Fit: Not all AI is created equal. We ensure your chosen partner delivers what you need.
  • Identify Risks & Challenges: Anticipate potential pitfalls and navigate them with confidence.

Don’t miss the AI revolution. Our proven process and unwavering commitment to your success guarantee results.

Why It Matters

Hyper Competive Landscape

AI isn't optional. It's the difference between soaring to new heights and being left in the dust. Are you ready to unlock AI superpowers?

Increase Efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up your workforce for strategic initiatives. Reduce costs and boost your bottom line.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Personalize interactions, anticipate needs, and build deeper loyalty. Proactively resolve issues, fostering trust and advocacy for your brand.


Gain deeper insights hidden within your data, informing smarter decisions. Make data-backed predictions, and drive innovation. 

What we offer

Tech Selection & Evaluation

Secure the ideal partner with confidence. We carefully curate a shortlist of vendors aligned with your goals, and rigorously evaluate their solutions. Maximize success through strategic technology choices. 

Strategic Digital Roadmap

A comprehensive guide for adopting digital technologies, processes, and initiatives to drive growth and success. Attract more customers, lower costs and scale fast with our tailored solutions. 

Empower Leadership

Our executive briefings, simplify complex AI concepts for your leadership team, cultivate understanding and excitement, and equip them with the tools to lead confidently. 

The digital future is here.

Let's create it together!